Friday, May 29, 2015

Massu Engira Maasilamani - Movie Review

                                 'Never expect a serious movie from Venkat Prabhu' is a common thought among the audience who have seen his earlier movies. Well he has tried to break that in this movie. Has he able to do it successfully. Let's see!


                           The director blended the current successful 'Horror' concept with the very old 80's revenge story. As usual there won't be anyone to question the logic in a ghost movie, the director had his own freedom to include romance, humor and few Investigation sequences as well.
                            Suriya's performance is notable and need to be appreciated in most of the film, and a great salute for choosing a different genre from the usual boring hero worshiping movies. Especially the Sakthi character stands out and would be rated as one of his matured acting. Massilamani character has nothing impressive to be mentioned though the scene where he helps the blind kid is touching one. Nayanthara, Brammanandham, Parthiban and Srilankan Tamil are used for marketing the movie.
                              Pranitha has done a extended cameo, however she has done her job well. Samuthirakani should think twice before accepting these kind of roles. Premji gives a big relief as there is no punch dialogues for him. Karunas, Sriman supporting the so called 'horror' movie.

                               The actual scary part lies in the songs of the movie. You can spot people running out of the screens to save their life whenever a song is played. Simply Masss. Venkat Prabhu still keeps us guessing whether he can deliver a real good movie.

                                Suriya's Matured Performance and Prathiban's unique dialogues in the second half.

                                      Minus ?
                                Too many things to list out..!

  Massu (Pollution) - Title speaks for its content !


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